日曜日, 4月 22, 2007

涙そうそう (Nada sousou)

watched the movie nada sousou yesterday. well, i din really tear/cry or anything... but.... it lingered in my mind long after i watched it. after going dinner with my friends and such, as i was all alone in my bedroom, i kept thinking about the movie. the love of between the two siblings, the promises he strives so much to keep, his inferiority that makes him imposed his dreams on his sister ( i think). this movie really depicted the love between the brother Yota and sister Kaoru (both of them really acted really well!! Tsumabuki Satoshi & Nagasawa Masami). how Yota was doing everything he can for Kaoru. how she was so concerned about him. perhaps, their sibling love might even border on a more romantic side, threatening to overwhelm both of them. but somehow, what came out to me more is the immense love Yota had over Kaoru, the constant wanting to protect his little sister, the joy of reuniting with her, the pain of letting go of her. one of the most memorable scene was when during a typhoon, when Yota told Kaoru to take her valuables and hide it in the backroom, all she took was this old photobook containing pictures of them in their childhood.

sigh... sad movies always make me think alot...:( guess.. this show will linger in my heart for the next few days...

金曜日, 4月 20, 2007

something i saw last night...

last night, when i was jogging (yesh, i do the occasional jog!) i saw this Indian ( perhaps Bangladeshi) worker sitting beside a lamp post reading his Bible. what struck me was that despite his grueling work in the day (often running into the night), this Christian took time to seek the Lord. Perhaps he finds it too noisy inside the resting area, perhaps he finds it cooler to do beside the canal, whatever the reason, he took time off to spend it alone with God. As i jog past him, he gave this smile, a smile that's full of joy and hope...:)

月曜日, 4月 16, 2007

plastic surgery...

despite my looks, no.. i am not gonna do plastic surgery..:p hehe.. watched the korean move '200 pound beauty' yesterday with a couple of church friends. really enjoyed the show, romantic comedy intersperse with social issues etc. hehe. at the end of the show, my friend asked me 'how will you feel if your other half has plastic surgery?'. i thought about it for a moment, and decided, i am fine with it. well, if she had plastic surgery after i got to know her, i guess, i might scold her a bit for having that lack of confidence and such, but not because she is not natural. i guess, for me, in the end, it's really more of the personality of the person that attracts me to her. if she had plastic surgery before i knew her, well.. it's a thing of the past..:) and.. it isn't a crime or anything..:p argh..:p decided to cut short the entry.. too much thoughts too unorganised. perhaps when i have time to sort it all out.:)

木曜日, 4月 12, 2007


thank God for the wunderful fwens He has given me. to me, these friends are the one of the most valuable things that God has ever blessed me with, and sadly, these friends are oso the things that I find the hardest to give up. originally, this post was meant to thank my choir friends for the 10 wonderful years of friendship, filled with laughter, joy and tears. They have been there in every major part of my life, and I know they will be there for the rest of my life too. Yet, as I read Luke 14:33, that we must give up all our possessions to follow Him, I feel a sudden dread. I think i can give up the material possessions i have, but to give up things like friendship? not that He doesn't want us to have friends of course, He was the one that blessed us with friends and family members. But, which is more important to me? God vs friends? hmm....

well... that's food for thought for me today. Still, wanna thank my friends for giving me the pair of rollerblades yesterday!! it was really unexpected and so it was really a pleasant surprise. I asked Nerd to help pay for the blades first cos i do not have the money handy on me. And before i know it, it was a 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY!' from him and Boss. well, even though my birthday is 2 months away (lol), I am really happy to recieve that gift..:) However, i am even gladder to have these friends with me as I celebrate my birthday with them for the 10th time. Thank you, all of you. Thank God for you.

日曜日, 4月 08, 2007

John 11:35 Jesus wept.

Easter is here! and today, we remember the victory we have in Christ Jesus over sin and death!!! ^^ today's sermon was really interesting, the verse is John 11:35. an amazing powerful verse. never understood that verse and today, we were given an possible explanation. While i wished i could have just write down everything that he said, i can't cos of my limited brain capacity. but in short, Jesus wept for the spiritual blindness of mankind. how man can be so oblivious to God and to him, despite all that has been done. Our pastor suggested that it's is not because he was overwhelmed by grief, due to the overwhelming evidences that showed him as being glad that God could be glorify thru the death of Lazarus. so in conclusion, it was to be something else.

had a chat with a friend yesterday bout the whole christian thing again. me using my limited knowledge against a whole barrage of questions. In conclusion, i realised that people dun believe that salvation is really as easy as believing in Jesus and his sacrifice for us and it's FREE to all. guess, in this age, free always means it's free BUT there are strings attached. Like what the pastor said, we are a generation of achievers, and sometimes, we need to learn bout recieving. Jesus was the ultimate gift God has given to us, not our friends, families, homes, cars, cats etc etc. And this ultimate gift is essentially a GIFT, given FREELY because God loves us.

May we continue to give thanks each day, for this precious gift from Him. ^^ Happy Easter.

水曜日, 4月 04, 2007

a Good Samaritan...

when was the last time i was a good samaritan? i mean, generally i am helpful ( i think ) but when was the last time i stopped in the midst of my busy-ness to help someone in need? the good samaritan went out of his way to help someone who has totally no ties with him, yet was willing to help the injured man fully, without thinking of any repayment. In the world we live in today, when was the last time we were able to put aside our own things to help someone else? guess like everyone else, i am so caught up with the 'self' that i failed to recognise the cries out there. as a christian, have i been so caught up with my own spiritual growth that i failed to hear the cries of the unsaved? and if i fail to hear the cries of the unsaved, how could i have grown even spiritually? hmm....

日曜日, 4月 01, 2007

Choir Concert last nite!

wheeeeee.... had a fabulous concert!!! I thought we did justice to the whole programme. really felt magical, yet soft but crazy at points.... :) not that we were spot on for all the songs ( i sang wrongly for some...>.>) but we managed to really focus throughout the concert. so it really turned out to be extremely intense. when we sang villarosa, i thought the soft bits felt really intense and we were kept on our toes. the mood for epithat for moonlight felt really good too, with the instruments providing a magical tinge to the quiet serene music. magic songs was magical! thought we really brought out the mood despite only have like 16 singers. (well.... maybe 7/10 for notes but 10/10 for intensity). so all in all, really felt good about this concert. while there's of course room for improvement, think it also really boosted our confidence. ^^ thank God for also watching over me, sustaining me throughout the concert. Managed to keep my cough to a minimal level and was able to sing out ( at least, with watever voice i had). hehe. still, thank you Lord for music!!